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Vishakh is a technologist based in New York City. Originally from India, Vishakh graduated with a masters degree in computer science from Columbia University. Since then, he has been working in industry on high-tech applications.

Personal Genomics: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A layperson’s genomics journey

I had my DNA sequenced but would I do it again? In my layperson’s narration, I share my journey which began during more optimistic times. My own findings along with developments in population genetics gave me insights into the history of my mixed Indian family as well as an examination of the complex social and political beliefs of a diverse postcolonial country. However, as we started realizing as a society how insecurely and incompetently critical genomic data is often stored and treated, my worries and regrets compounded. My friends eager to have kids are now struggling with tough choices about privacy and healthcare. In developing countries such as India, genomic data will soon be collected at a mass scale with potentially profound implications for vast populations. I share my concerns as a lay person with a deep interest in the genetic data and suggest some improvements for those in the genetics field.

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